Thought Bytes #65
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Edith has always been about the people and excited to finally share some stories from the Edith Fellowship. For those of you not familiar, the Edith Fellowship is a community of students and industry mentors where the mentors are invested in the students through an income share agreement. We believe this will have interesting second-order effects: the mentors share in the success of the students and have an incentive to build a long-term relationship with them.

It's been a month since our Fellowship launched and we're already seeing strong relationships and unique mentorship come out of the Fellowship. We publish spotlights of the students and mentors in our community (which we call Fellows and Partners respectively) every Tuesday and Thursday and wanted to share our first few Spotlights from the past week and a half.

Our first spotlight was Luke, a CS/Philosophy double at Duke. Luke talks about how different mentorship through the Fellowship is compared to a quick 15 minute mentorship chat. Instead of having to extract as much knowledge as possible in a short call, Luke's able to ask small questions, ping his mentor questions throughout the week, and roadmap a long term plan. From Luke:

A lot of mentors I've had ended after only a few surface-level calls. With Edith, I now have a group of people invested in my long-term success.

Luke's primary mentor is Chris, a PM at Google. Chris talks about this type of a relationship from a mentor perspective. It's hard to say more than platitudes on a first call with someone, but working long-term with a student allows him to build a level of comfort that allows him to give the student new perspectives they otherwise wouldn't have access to. From Chris:

The more you [meet] the more you get to know somebody and the more you can actually give them advice for large things as well. Because otherwise if you don’t know somebody - if you’re not comfortable around them - then it’s hard to give anything beyond like platitudinal advice.

These first few stories from the Fellowship, and it's an encouraging sign we're on to making something special. I've got to admit - I feel like I could have really benefited from having a mentor invested in my success, be my career advocate, and working to build a long-term relationship with me. If this is something that sounds interesting to you, either as a student or a mentor, please don't hesitate to reach out! We're looking for new Fellows and Partners for our next cohort of students.

See you next week!


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