Thought Bytes #66
Build editions of Thought Bytes feature a technical post that will help you build the skills to quickly get a product off the ground and in the hands of customers. You can find all past newsletters here.

After a multi-month hiatus, I'm back with a build edition of Thought Bytes. I've still been occasionally writing but didn't make the time to send out a newsletter along with the post. I'll briefly highlight them below but both warrant more coverage in a future newsletter:

  • Twilio + Segment is a Facebook-Sized Opportunity

    I wrote this around the time Twilio acquired Segment. After reading a lot of different takes on the acquisition, I was pretty convinced that Twilio had some serious upside (Facebook-sized according as the post claims).

  • Anki Everything

    A new habit I've picked up is Anki-ing everything (recommended by my co-founder Nick). For those not familiar with Anki, they're flash cards + spaced repetitions based on science. I Anki everything I read and watch (including movies and TV shows now), making question-answer pairs that I review every morning on my walk. The improvement in my long-term memory is night and day - I'm now able to remember small details from books instead of just high level plot and it's helped me improve my synthesis of different things I read.

Anyways, continuing my string of practical engineering posts, I wrote a quick guide to getting started with adding tests with Jest to your Next project.

Writing tests is something everyone online says you should do, but in practice, I feel like very few people actually do it (especially when not forced to by your manager). In my opinion, a big reason for that is there aren't many straightforward resources for setting up a testing suite for your app.

I'll pull together more posts for more niche problems when setting up a testing framework (and some other things I've been building over the past few months!).

See you next week (for real this time!),


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