Hey, I'm Kevin.

I'm currently the technical co-founder of Edith. We're building the platform to take bets on your personal potential and the potential of people you believe in. Step one of that vision is connecting undercapitalized students to mentors through income share agreements. I was formerly a quant developer at Citadel and graduated EECS from UC Berkeley.

My obsession is building. From Legos and cities (in Sim City 4) when I was a kid to random side projects like Beth (sports betting on Ethereum), RecNet (peer-driven recommendations), Thousand (workout tracker), and Time Catcher (WIP), taking a product from idea to reality is what excites me.

I wanted to share that love of building and learning through my personal site and weekly newsletter, Thought Bytes. The goal of Thought Bytes is to empower and inspire you to build your own project or company.

Thanks for visiting my site and don't hesitate to reach out at hello@kevinarifin.com.

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